Unlimited freedom on the road. The Clesana toilet allows you to spend the night away from crowded campsites without having to give up familiar comfort. Our system works with a new type of foil sealing technology and without any water or chemicals. The technology in the Clesana toilet guarantees the highest possible level of hygiene and prevents unpleasant odours that can otherwise occur in conventional camping toilets.

Health Care

Clesana offers a hygienic toilet solution for patients in need of care and who are severely restricted in their personal mobility. Our mobile toilet makes it easier for the patient to go to the toilet and at the same time simplifies the work of the nursing staff in the hospital or in private care. The toilet can easily be pushed next to the patient’s bed. The sealed foil bags are absolutely odour- and waterproof. The unhygienic transport of open bedpans and their cleaning is a thing of the past thanks to Clesana. This offers protection against bacteria or viruses. In addition, we make sure that critical residues in the excrements such as drug residues, antibiotics, contrast agents, hormone traces, and so forth no longer enter the waste water, thus ensuring the water protection.


Clesana offers you the optimal toilet solution for sanitary facilities on water, whether for rather small boats or larger yachts. The use of a Clesana toilet not only gives you more freedom, but it has also a much lower impact on the environment. The individual bags with the sealed waste are absolutely leak-proof and odourless for several weeks.

Military / Civil Defence

In case of acute threats from epidemics or pandemics, water-independent toilets and sanitary facilities are needed everywhere immediately. With the help of the Clesana toilet, the affected patients can be isolated more effectively. Furthermore, the system can be used with patients at home or in other quarantine zones. This way, the risk of new infections is significantly reduced. The excrements can be safely disposed of at any time, reducing the risk of infection to an absolute minimum. Additionally, since the Clesana toilet does not require water, the groundwater is considerably conserved.