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No, the bags must be added to the residual waste. A biodegradable version is currently being evaluated.

At room temperature the bags are odour-proof for two to four weeks. At higher temperatures it is recommended to dispose of the bags within two days.

Basically yes, but the previous “flushing process” must be completed. If the lid is opened beforehand, a malfunction will occur.

Yes, in general, organic waste, diapers or feminine hygiene products can be sealed in. However, no sharp-edged objects (shards, etc.) or hot ashes may be placed in the bags. Note the maximum filling height!

Yes, the input voltage must be 12 Volts. An operation via mains voltage of 230 Volts is possible with an additionally available power supply.

No, but we do recommend that you use one, as the bags can be disposed of more discreetly and hygienically. A waste bag also offers additional security in case a bag should ever leak.

The load capacity of the toilet when the lid is closed is 150 kg (sitting person).

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