Clesana C1.

Freedom is always the freedom of thinking differently. This is the fundamental principle that encouraged us to develop a mobile sanitary solution that is just thought up differently – sustainable, adaptable and reliable. This is achieved through the so called “thermo-pressure-method”: whatever goes into our mobile toilets is, in accordance with medicinal standards, sealed automatically in barrier foil and collected compactly. The Clesana C1 operates chemical-free, water-free, odor-free and not least free of any need for tedious disposal-routines. And what’s more, the Clesana system can be installed hassle-free anywhere it is needed. And that is what makes for all the freedom and independence the Clesana C1 provides in so many areas of application.

In summary: if revolutions express a striving to more freedom, the Clesana C1 just has to be called a true revolution in mobile hygiene.

Finding new ways. With technology way above the standard.


Using the Clesana C1 toilet is truly potty: press the big button after big or the small buttons after small businesses – and whoosh! the Clesana C1 will do its job, full automatically sealing everything tight and secure.


When it comes to hygiene, we got this in the bag: the liner foil used for our sanitary bags form an uncompromisingly reliable hygienic barrier, even barring germs, bacteria and viruses – clean, secure, odour-free, and not least easily disposable as household waste.


From camping- to boattrips, from care facilities to civil protection, with the Clesana C1 you will never need to worry about special supply and/or disposal infrastructures again … nor will you ever need to worry about special maintenance, as the Clesana C1 is designed to last. Because human needs are need enough.


Clesana keeps water where it is really needed: in creeks, rivers, ponds and lakes. And as our C1 toilet works without any chemical additives, it contributes to preserving unique biospheres and the quality of our drinking water.

More benefits with ClesanaFurther benefits

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

In principles: how we think, how we act.


To us, independence has two meanings: first of all, independence is the prime benefit in what we have to offer to our customers – with a sanitary solution that furthers autonomy for people in very different working and living environments. On the other hand independence is a leitmotif for the way we think and act as developers and entrepreneurs. Because change needs challenging, the challenging of standards and common practices.


To us, progress means to stay determined, no matter how rocky the road may be, ever off the beaten path, narrow one way streets or overcrowded data highways. We believe that caring about true progress means caring for people, nature and not least the achievements of the past. That way, progress becomes learnable, with open-mindedness and enthusiasm.


To us, sustainability is not a buzzword. To us, protecting the environment is rather a goal that never gets old. We constantly thrieve to achieve tailor-made sanitary solutions, that fit anyone’s needs and save resources in two ways: by eliminating the need for water and chemical additives as well as enforcing an unbeatable durability with our products.

For all the world.

There is a whole world of possible applications for advanced solutions in mobile hygiene … a world that we at Clesana explore tirelessly. Find out now how the Clesana C1 toilet leads the way to more independence, without ever compromising in hygiene or sustainability.


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