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The ideal travel companion, on short trips and long travels.

Clesana offers the perfect solution even for short trips on short notice, as the C1 toilet was also designed for mere sporadic use.  Once the foil liner has been inserted and the power supply ensured the toilet will remain fully operational throughout. When opening the lid the system will automatically switch from standby to active mode, even after long downtimes. Traveling long distance? No problem. The sanitary bags made from highly reliable barrier foil securely seal all excretions and toilet wastes for weeks – and can easily be disposed of as household waste.

Offroad. On track.

With Clesana C1 we have left the beaten track in mobile sanitary solutions for good … and also for the better, as by chosing our very own path enabled us to develop a unique technology, that has converted our innovative spirit and our love for the environment into one solution to many challenges. The Clesana system is not only the perfect companion in caravaning, but already in use in many other areas with high demand for uncompromising hygiene. To us, this is perfect proof for having chosen the right path …

Hygiene everywhere? We got this in the bag.

Whereever you want to install your C1 toilet is entirely up to you. However, we feel it is up to us to provide you with fast installation, ease of use, reliable hygiene, close to no maintenance and the highest degree of eco-friendliness. From remote cabins and flying constructions to tiny houses and construction sites – Clesana got this in the bag! Our C1 toilet combines an uncompromisingly hygienic solution with a highly appealing design.